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Antislavery Poetry from San Francisco

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The Pacific Appeal was the leading African American newspaper on the West Coast during the early 1860s.  A newly-published set of eight antislavery poems from the journal's inaugural 1862 volume captures the sense of expectancy within the African American community for the imminent end of US slavery.  These poems include the work of James Madison Bell, a San Francisco plasterer, brickmason, and poet.  Read more... 
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Geoffrey Sauer

Location: Ames, IA
Geoffrey Sauer is an assistant professor in the Rhetoric and Professional Communication program in the English Department at Iowa State University. His research studies the history of publishing, particularly the recent history (for the most part, post-1979) in all variety of media (including music, film, video and software distribution, as well as traditional monographs and serials). He teaches courses in rhetorical theory, multimedia production and cultural theory. He is the director of the EServer, a nonprofit online publishing venture in the arts and humanities (by some estimates, the most visited humanities website in the world), and is also the director of the ISU Studio for New Media, an interdisciplinary research institute organized to support, further, and coordinate work with digital media currently done by individuals across multiple departments at Iowa State University.

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