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Antislavery Poetry from San Francisco

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The Pacific Appeal was the leading African American newspaper on the West Coast during the early 1860s.  A newly-published set of eight antislavery poems from the journal's inaugural 1862 volume captures the sense of expectancy within the African American community for the imminent end of US slavery.  These poems include the work of James Madison Bell, a San Francisco plasterer, brickmason, and poet.  Read more... 
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Antislavery Teaching Guides

These teaching guides provide introductions and instructional materials for selected antislavery texts.



Jeffrey Brace, The Blind African Slave

Teaching guide for the 1810 narrative of Jeffrey Brace, born in Mali, transported as a slave to Barbados and New England, and residing in Vermont.  Includes discussion questions and timeline.


Early African American Antislavery Sermons

Teaching guide employing the texts of Absalom Jones's A Thanksgiving Sermon (1808), William Miller's A Sermon on the Abolition of the Slave Trade (1810), and George Lawrence's An Oration on the Abolition of the Slave Trade (1813).  Includes timeline of early African American religious history and discussion questions.


Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Teaching guide designed to accompany a Chinese-language translation of Incidents.  The guide emphasizes cross-cultural interpretation of Jacobs and relates Incidents to Chinese literature. 


Boston King, Memoirs

Teaching guide to the autobiographical memoir of Boston King, a fugitive slave from South Carolina who became a teacher and minister in Sierra Leone, serialized in 1798 in The Methodist Magazine. A digital edition and video/audio reading performance by Prof. Neal Lester accompany this guide.


Henry Clarke Wright, The Natick Resolution, or, Resistance to Slaveholders the Right and Duty of Southern Slaves and Northern Freemen

Teaching guide for a militant 1859 antislavery tract calling for violent overthrow of slavery, published by Henry Clarke Wright in Boston.  A digital edition and video/audio reading performance by Prof. Keith Miller accompany this guide.